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Keeping up with the Times

The Friends of Ellington Tennis have brought Springfield College student/intern on board to update all our computer and social media accounts. 

From this point (February 8, 2018) forward, we will be posting all our regular news articles, events, and updates on Facebook.

  • Along with this redirection to Facebook, we hope to have direct program (Junior Team Tennis) links on Facebook to the Town of Ellington Recreation Department registration page.  
  • We will also have links to our Net Generation instruction and community partners, our programs, and on line "instruction". Net Generation is the new tennis rebranding by the United States Tennis Association and is a program which will require all providers/instructors to undergo background checks and instruction to secure Net Generation "certification" and to be listed on line.

Along with the Facebook focus, the Friends of Ellington Tennis will be introducing an Instagram account and you may find us on Twitter. We will use these two media to post updates on Ellington High School tennis schedules and scores, Junior Team Tennis and Town of Ellington Recreation Department program updates (schedules, scores, postponements, etc.), and to post updates on coming events.

We will continue to see you on court and now more on line!